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We’ve always believed that the spirit of adventure takes on many forms. Traveling to distant locales, learning a new craft, designing great products — they all count. Our mission, "For Life's Pursuits,” asserts that any pursuit can be an adventure, especially when you have the right gear for the job.

Matthew Stacey

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Gear Patrol Magazine is an extension of that belief. Produced entirely in-house by our team of creators and product enthusiasts, each biannual edition rounds up seasonal trends, expert buying advice, rich maker profiles and long-form dispatches from the field — all supported with original photography and illustrations. Across 160 pages, discover everything from cars, watches, whiskey and more.

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    Newsstands and Retail

    You can purchase single issue editions, while supplies last, in our online store.

    Additionally, find Gear Patrol Magazine at Barnes & Noble, Hudson News, American Express Centurion Lounges and a select number of premium stockists.

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    Looking for a copy you can read on your smartphone or tablet? You can find single issues available for purchase on Issuu and PressReader.

    Industry Awards

    Gear Patrol Magazine has been recognized for its writing, design, and photography by several industry organizations.

    • MIN Award for Best New Magazine Launch (2016)
    • Folio Award for Best Overall Magazine Design and Best New Magazine (2016)
    • Finalist, Ozzie Award - Full Issue 2019 and Overall Design (2019)
    • Finalist, Eddie and Ozzie Awards - Magazine Section (2021)
    • Society of Publication Designers Merit Award Winner (2021, 2022)


      Matthew Stacey

      Gear Patrol Magazine Subscription