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iKamper's New Hardshell Rooftop Tent Is Perfect for Overland Adventures

It'll protect you from the elements — and from having to buy another rooftop tent — for a long while.

ikamper rooftop tent and awning at a camp site

iKamper is one of our favorite rooftop tent builders, known for their clever, award-winning designs. Now, the brand has just announced they are launching two cool new overlanding products this month: a wedge-style rooftop tent called the Blue Dot Voyager and an ExoShell 270 awning.

The Blue Dot Voyager name is a nod to the Voyager 1 spacecraft. iKamper is offering two versions of it, the Blue Dot Solo with a capacity for one and the Blue Dot Duo with a capacity for two. It's a hardshell tent with an exoshell made from fiber-reinforced plastic. The tent is load-bearing up to 100 pounds for additional gear or an integrated rooftop solar panel.


Blue Dot Voyager Duo

iKamper ikamper.com

The Blue Dot Voyager comes with a polyfoam mattress, though iKamper sells inflatable alternatives. Large windows let in the breeze when it's hot. Alternatively, the rainfly and polycotton will help keep out the cold.

In addition to two tent options, iKamper allows you to buy the tent assembled (for an extra $400) or unassembled. The Blue Dot Solo starts at $2,499 unassembled, and the Blue Dot Duo begins at $2,999. The Blue Dot Voyager tents are for sale right now. Deliveries commence on November 1, 2022.


iKamper ExoShell 270 Awning

iKamper ikamper.com

iKamper's Exoshell 270 Awning is exactly what it says it is, an awning with a hard shell that extends out 270 degrees to provide about 121 square feet of shade. It has adjustable legs and guy lines to clamp down in heavy winds or funnel water away from the vehicle. It also has an accessories wall for hanging something like an iKamper storage solution.

The iKamper Exoshell 270 Awning starts at $1,750. Like the Blue Dot Voyage tent, it's for sale right now. Shipments begin on November 1, 2022.

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