Airstream and Studio F.A. Porsche Built a Beautiful Camping Trailer

But you won't be able to buy one yet.

porsche airstream camping trailer

In their own unique ways, Airstream and Porsche are two of the most iconic brands in motoring, so maybe it was only a matter of time till they teamed up. The eye-popping result? Airstream and the design firm Studio F.A. Porsche are presenting a “what if” collaboration, the Airstream Studio F.A. Porsche Concept Travel Trailer. It’s essentially what would happen if Porsche used its sports car sensibilities to design and build an Airstream.

Here’s what you need to know about the Airstream Studio F.A. Porsche Concept Travel Trailer.

porsche airstream camping trailer

This trailer is very much a concept.

Airstream and Porsche Design are launching this trailer as a concept. And it’s so conceptual that there isn’t a full-sized, physical prototype of the trailer. Porsche will display a one-third scale model and photorealistic renderings of the trailer at SXSW 2023.

The trailer is supposed to be garage-able.

Studio F.A. Porsche wanted the trailer — unlike most Airstreams — to be able to fit in a garage (at least a garage of the large, suburban variety). The trailer incorporates a pop-top roof, so it doesn’t have to be as tall when not in use. Studio F.A. Porsche also added adjustable suspension that lowers the body very close to the ground.

The trailer is also super aerodynamic.

Porsche altered the traditional Airstream shape at the rear for better airflow. The trailer has a flush underside for reduced drag. Essential systems are packaged within the chassis and interior to further aid aerodynamics. The trailer also dispenses with the traditional Airstream rivets for a smooth outer shell. Better aerodynamics means easier, more efficient towing, which is helpful for EVs and combustion tow vehicles.

porsche airstream camping trailer interior
porsche airstream camping trailer

The trailer is about the size of an Airstream Bambi.

Studio F.A. Porsche settled on a 16-foot length for the trailer concept, about the size of Airstream’s smallest travel trailer, the Bambi. The initial plans considered 12-foot and 14-foot trailers to get the smallest, lightest trailer possible. But those smaller layouts created packaging issues that would have prevented the trailer from offering full amenities, including a bathroom.

The trailer does include a full wet bath, and Studio F.A. Porsche maximizes the interior space with a versatile dining area that can convert to lounge space and full-size sleeping quarters. The rear hatch opens to support open-air living or, when being towed, gear storage. And there’s a fold-down L-shaped counter for additional prep space while cooking.

Airstream and Porsche Design are not ruling out a potential production model.

Airstream has not ruled out building an eventual production trailer based on this design from Studio F.A. Porsche. But no such plans appear to be on tap for the immediate future.

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