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Siegelman Stable: the $150 Hat You're Seeing Everywhere, Explained

Horse racer or not, this basic ball cap is red hot. Here's why.

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Siegelman Stable

Whether you've noticed it or not, Siegelman Stable hats are everywhere: athletes in post-game interviews, rappers arriving for star-studded events and just about every single influencer with a following greater than 50,000. The innocuous horse racing cap is red hot.

But where did it come from? And, who made it? Plus, is there really a horse racing company called Siegelman Stable. Well, you're in luck: Siegelman Stable does exist. Founded in 1982 by renowned trainer Robbie Siegelman, the Siegelman Racing Stables set up shop on Long Island, winning titles at Roosevelt and Yonkers Raceways, while hosting free equestrian classes for underprivileged kids from nearby Newark, New Jersey.

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Today, Siegelman still offers these services through an organization called "HorseAbility," but in 2020 Max Siegelman, son of Robbie and budding digital strategist who currently serves as the Head of Cultural Relevance at OUTFRONT Media, had the idea of turning his family's horse racing legacy — and the Siegelman name — into a tangible, for-profit fashion brand. Its flagship product, the structured Siegelman Stable cap, is now as hard to find as the Omega Moonswatch. Available at retail for a flat $56, they regularly fetch $150+ on resale sites.

"I initially wanted to continue my family stable legacy by creating pieces for just family and friends," Max says. "Once I saw the attention it was getting, I realized there was an opportunity to impact even more people through the story and build real substance. The story is already built through horse racing and equine therapy, now being retold through fashion."

Like Diamond Cross Ranch, another equine label with roots in real-life horse training, Siegelman Stable doesn't stray far, offering hats with an embroidered jockey on them and jackets and hoodies with similar logo marks. That's because Siegelman Stable was never meant to be anything more than an extension of Max's father's legacy, but with interest growing with each drop, Max sees collaborations, broader collections and even standalone stores, not just one-off pop-ups, on the horizon.

Where to Buy a Siegelman Stable Hat

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