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Huckberry and Timex Resurrected a Limited Edition '90s Retro Sports Watch

But the "unbeatably dependable" Ironman Flix Reissue is selling fast and won't be around forever.

huckberry x timex ironman flix reissue watch

Back in 1984, the world's first-ever sports watch was introduced. That watch was a Timex Ironman. And ever since, the sub-brand has been synonymous with elite athletic endeavors. In fact, athletes of all walks still flock to Timex Ironman watches to this day, to the point that some even wear them alongside more modern GPS smartwatches. Unfortunately, not all of the Ironman watch models — even the most iconic ones — have survived to this day. But one just got resurrected courtesy of a limited-edition retro collaboration with one of our favorite retailers, resulting in the Huckberry x Timex Ironman Flix Reissue — which is on available right now (but selling quickly).

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A Faithful Recreation of the Original

This isn't just some pedestrian modern reimagining of a throwback timepiece from '99 made to lure you into a nostalgia trap; it's a legitimate exact replica — Timex even went so far as to dig up and use the original mold to craft this redux. And that means all of its beloved original features remain, including dual time zone tracking, hands-free night mode, 100-lap-tracking memory, a bevy of alarms and even a memo pad function.

It also boasts its iconic resin case with its respectable 100m water resistance, that iconic Indiglo light (with hands-free Night-Mode) and a durable rubber strap that'll keep it safely secured and survive just about anything you might throw at it.

timex x huckberry watch
A faithful recreation of the original, this Timex watch is as durable and tough as it is beautiful and simple.

The Antithesis of a Smartwatch

Along with being favored by athletes, this watch was also a go-to for the likes of military personnel, first responders, pilots and more. Why? Because of its utter dependability, incredible simplicity and — the cherry on top of the cake — remarkable affordability. This watch isn't bogged down by tech, focusing instead on a selection of useful digital complications that, while inexpensive, could help you with some of the toughest endeavors in which you might partake — like training (and competing) in triathlons, backpacking trips and even just as a sturdy, reliable gym timepiece.

And it manages all of that while still falling just under $110. Sure, that's something that we've come to expect from a Timex watch (affordable dependability); but even among its peers, this watch stands out as being remarkably inexpensive for what it has to offer. Plus, it's right in line with the ever-enduring GORPcore trend.

One Last Hurrah

Since its release just a couple of days ago, this watch has already climbed to the top of Huckberry's best-sellers (with good reason). However, it is a limited edition and they're not going to be making any more after it sells out. So once it's gone, it's gone for good. That means you're going to want to buy it while you can, lest you'd rather miss out on this incredible second-chance release.

Huckberry x Timex Ironman Flix Reissue Watch


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