This Is Hands Down the Coolest Dive Watch of 2021

If you're eager for some more color in your watches, then this LE from Zodiac and Worn & Wound is right up your alley.

worn and wound x zodiac super sea wolf le
Worn & Wound

Don't take our word for it — just look at that thing: How cool is this watch? This watch is like showing up to a black tie event in a polka-dotted onesie. This watch does what it wants and doesn't remotely give a shit.

A special limited edition-collab between Zodiac and our friends over at Worn & Wound, the new Super Sea Wolf LE is inspired by, like, the best decade ever, the '90s. Hence all the colorful, Trapper Keeper-inspired touches and the streetwear influence. It's got a dial modeled on technical fabrics from hiking gear, with a sort of vertical pattern to it; a fully brushed case (so you can actually bang it around); and the most insanely colored bezel we've ever seen, with teal, rust and black and white-colored highlights. It's even got a teal-colored date display and a rust-colored chapter ring — thoughtful touches that tie the entire design together.

worn and wound x zodiac super sea wolf le
David Luo

Notably, this version of the Super Sea Wolf features a 12-hour bezel rather than a traditional dive bezel, meaning timing deco stops with it might be a bit tough. But if you're hiking or hanging around town — or even swimming — it'll work just fine, and of course it's perfect for travel or for tracking another time zone.

Featuring the STP 3-13 automatic movement, a domed sapphire crystal, 200m of water resistance, a 40mm case, and an awesome bi-color, 2-piece Velcro strap, the Worn & Wound x Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Limited Edition is restricted to 182 pieces at a price of $1,095 each. If you're interested in picking one up, we recommend heading over to the Wind Up Watch Shop, STAT — there's no way these watches are gonna last long.


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